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The Write Stuff

Reading about writing is sort of like eating about cooking. They’re connected activities, but there’s a little more to it than tossing ingredients together and pulling out a lasagna. There are steps to creating strong content. 

First and foremost [and we can’t stress this enough] great content begins with great input. A talented copywriter may be able to build and expand on even small details, but give that same writer plenty of resources and background and they can work wonders. At helium, we’ve gotten pretty skilled at asking the right questions to gather the kind of insight that inspires writers, and we also make it a point to keep clients engaged in ongoing communication since sometimes ideas take time to mature.

Effective copywriting also has to consider style or tone. That’s because the way something is said is often just as – if not more – important than what is said. Very straight-laced, precise, almost academic language appeals to a different audience than content that has a humorous slant. Likewise, if there is an emotion an audience should feel when reading content, the choice of words and the length and flow of content matter tremendously.  

One of the most challenging aspects of creating excellent content is authenticity. There’s a big difference between a product that is truly innovative and one that simply comes in a new color. It is why diamonds are described as “exquisite” and rhinestones are simply “sparkly.” It can be easy to get attached to a specific word, but that doesn’t mean it is the right fit for every brand. When we create content for our clients we want them to be the best versions of themselves, while still remaining true to what their product, service, or offering actually is. In the long run, this closes more sales by attracting the right kinds of customers and prospects in the first place.

Thinking Outside the Stock

Don’t get us wrong… we appreciate stock photography. A lot. There is rarely a better resource out there for finishing jobs with limited budgets or extremely tight turnarounds. The one thing stock photography cannot deliver on its own is uniqueness. That’s because stock photography is designed to depict iconic scenarios – business meetings, kids playing outside, romantic dinner on the beach, and many other similar settings, events, or groups. So, there is an unavoidable air of familiarity about them. That can be reassuring or even useful at times. The same doesn’t hold true in luxury markets or in other competitive industries like real estate or high-end travel and hospitality. For those audiences, the idea of custom, one-of-a-kind, never-before-seen imagery sets the tone for the exclusive offering or appeal of one brand over another.  

Photography is more than just a service we offer at helium – it’s a passion. Many of us consider ourselves better-than-average amateur photographers. Many of us have had formal photography training. All of us have a deep appreciation for what it takes to look through a lens and capture an image that conveys mood, moments, and meaning. Each photographer is different, which means there’s a just-right photographer out there for every project. It may be for a print project, web design, or even a strong Instagram following, but custom photography has the power to elevate any good project to greatness.

To make sure we’re developing only the very best opportunities, we maintain relationships with many top local photographers based out of South Florida and the Northeast U.S. locations of helium. And we know how to “speak” photographer to artists we haven’t met before, or who live and work elsewhere in the world. Lighting, film or digital, fashion or landscape, artistic or journalistic, we believe in a collaborative process that arrives at a clients’ vision and produces visual assets that are as distinct as a brand’s logo.