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our work was featured in HOW Magazine!

When we opened this month’s HOW magazine, we were so excited to see an awesome feature of the brand development we did for DIRT, a health-food made fast restaurant in Miami Beach.


We are so proud of this project and it made us smile to see “Outstanding Achievement” recognition in one of our favorite design mags! We want to make sure you can read the feature so we typed it out nice + neat for you. 😉


how we created the next big e-commerce lifestyle brand

We were pretty psyched when we were contacted to create the brand development + website design for the next major e-commerce brand + website for backpacks; a lifestyle brand to stand behind the name Backpacks.com.


We equated this brand development project to our favorite coffee brand. When someone wants coffee, it is known that a Starbucks run is on the horizon, without thought of  going anywhere else. Not that cute cafe around the corner. Not even that old donut shop, I mean, Dunkin’ Donuts. Sorry double D.


dirt brand development // a case study

We’ve talked about DIRT’s brand development before, but have now created a complete case study to show how a brand’s identity has a direct impact on its success in the marketplace. Take a read + let us know what you think!

Executive Summary
A budding restaurant concept in its infant stages came to us for full brand development with a goal to position themselves as the leading fast-casual, healthy lifestyle restaurant in Miami Beach. The brand would have to deliver a look, feel, and story that visually communicated a transparent, innovative, farm-to-table concept. In the end, we created an impactful brand experience through our signature brand development process – crafting the brand story + strategy, naming the concept, coining the tagline, creating the identity, icons + business cards, designing the marketing materials, as well as the menus, signage + packaging, and consulting on the interior design to ensure the restaurant accurately reflected the brand. The combination of these carefully crafted elements creates a cohesive brand that instills trust and a memorable, engaging experience that stands out in the consumer’s mind resulting in regular visits to enjoy a meal or beverage at DIRT. It essentially becomes the third place for people – Home, Work, DIRT.