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the art of storytelling

Everything has a story, a narrative, something to give it life and substance. And if you don’t know it, find it. The art of storytelling is ultimately what gives value to an object, a product, a concept. We connect with the emotion rather than the form itself. Whether a documented account or simply smoke and mirrors, a story is only as good as the storyteller. It is what creates an effective brand, will help sell the pitch, or bring a concept to life.



client website launch // backpacks.com

We recently shared about the process of creating the brand for Backpacks.com.


It is absolutely no secret that we fell in love with this project from the get-go. Now that the site is live and ready for your shopping pleasure [seriously, get out your credit card – so worth it], we are doing a little Part Deux and walking through the design process of the Backpacks.com website. We set out to create an online experience for a company with plans to dominate the backpack category space. Oh, and they are doing just that.


how we created the next big e-commerce lifestyle brand

We were pretty psyched when we were contacted to create the brand development + website design for the next major e-commerce brand + website for backpacks; a lifestyle brand to stand behind the name Backpacks.com.


We equated this brand development project to our favorite coffee brand. When someone wants coffee, it is known that a Starbucks run is on the horizon, without thought of  going anywhere else. Not that cute cafe around the corner. Not even that old donut shop, I mean, Dunkin’ Donuts. Sorry double D.