At our core, we’re a concept studio. We bring life to an idea, tap into it’s essence and create a brand experience that expresses the product. We align with the great big WHY your product exists and HOW it will resonate with the consumer. We tell the story, shape the identity, and emotionally connect your customer with the product. It’s creating the intangible to sell the tangible. Whether a start up or an existing brand, we work across multiple platforms for product launches, sales, and promotions to make your product a fully realized brand. [view our portfolio]

Food & Beverage

The difference between a product that’s “just a snack” or “just a drink” and someone’s favorite treat all comes down to food and beverage branding. At helium, we start with the essence of any food or beverage offering to determine its unique characteristics that go beyond flavor and strike right at the emotional connection people make with their favorite tastes and how they make them feel. We’ve successfully worked with new brands from as early in the process as naming the product and designing a winning logo. We’ve also helped established brands find renewed strength through packaging updates, social media integration, digital marketing, and other elements of award-winning food and beverage branding campaigns. [view our portfolio]


The recipe for a killer restaurant experience is equal parts food, service and brand. Everything from the sign outside the door, to the look and feel of the menu, the design of the restaurant itself, to the styling on nametags, website, and uniforms, all serve to engage the senses and set the tone for what guests are about to taste. Our approach to restaurant branding is like that of creating an unforgettable meal – create the foundation, layer on flavor to build character, then play up the key ingredients to amp the overall bite. [view our portfolio]


The retail landscape has continued to change and evolve – which means it takes savvy and strategy to create connections with customers. For those that may never enter a storefront, except online, helium builds digital environments and intuitive e-commerce systems that enhance the shopping experience. We then follow it up with clever packaging and even customized shipping materials for retail branding that goes right to customers’ front doors. For those in brick-and-mortar shopping destinations, we also specialize in unique signage, window display art, in-store merchandising units, and point-of-purchase materials to invite repeat visits. [view our portfolio]

Real Estate

With years of expertise in some of the world’s most competitive real estate markets, helium has a proven track record in real estate branding that generates results. Our little hearts lie with crafting the brand experience for properties, much like creating individual personas for every development project we work with. Because each property, whether a high-rise, residential or mixed-use, offers a unique energy for the market to connect. We work alongside leading sales teams to craft a unique brand experience for the project, as well as support all digital and print creative material. Our extensive experience working on the development side of real estate branding allows us to coordinate with architects, 3D rendering artists, interior designers, construction and build-out teams to ensure the vision and brand is communicated to market. [view our portfolio]