app development

helium’s mobile device developers convert your mobile needs through our creative and cutting edge development. In such a demanding and competitive market, one must take every avenue possible to effectively promote and advertise the importance of their business. Accessibility is key to putting your company ahead of competitors. Our technologically and creatively advanced system for iPhone and iPad app development places emphasis on detail, originality and overall quality when creating an app that best represents your company and successfully communicates your brand. Whether you are a freshly hatched business or an established multi billion dollar firm, interactive technology is one of the best resources to either get your feet off the ground or keep them planted firmly in place. [view our portfolio]


The majority of web searches are product or service related not brand specific. It is crucial to have your site optimized for target relevant keywords. Natural listings receive a higher perceived value to the search viewer over paid links. helium’s search engine optimization [SEO] team will analyze your current web presence and search engine position, and create a strategy based on the objectives to ensure success and increase your natural optimization rankings in all search engines. It is important to work with an agency that understands that natural optimization is not an instant gratification and takes time to move up the ranking. [view our portfolio]

social media

Through dedicated utilization of various social networks [or social media outlets] brands can connect with users in real time. It is this engagement that adds an extra level of reach to any campaign. Implementing a social media marketing campaign alongside traditional efforts can result in increased web traffic, increased sales, customer retention and general good press for a company or brand. When a user is able to personify a brand through their social media presence they become much more loyal, and dedicated. [view our portfolio]

helium reality

helium reality specializes in augmented reality and 3D rendering services. From augmented reality scale models that allow clients to view property in real time from anywhere, to virtual fly throughs — helium reality is continuously evolving to include new technology to further enhance the branded experience. [view our demo portfolio]

  • Augmented Reality Scale Models
  • Digital + Animated Renderings
  • Animated Fly-Through
  • Virtual Reality Experiences

strategic marketing

Marketing is the process by which one or more competitive advantages a firm has in the markets it serves [or intends to serve] are identified and the translation of that information into appropriate communication and go-to-market activities. A client’s goals become the goals of helium creative. The team exhausts every possible resource and explores all options when developing a cohesive marketing plan to effectively meet established goals and objectives. The team’s thought processes are refreshingly new and inventive which breathe life into the campaign and further distinguish the client from its competitors. [view our portfolio]