Branding Marketing


Creativity isn’t just about color schemes and graphics at helium creative. It’s a way of thinking about every client, every goal and every type of communication helium designs for a brand. It’s about understanding that no fundamental element can be overlooked when articulating an idea. Advertising, marketing, interactive technology, media and public relations are the tools helium creative uses to express creativity and ensure that their message reaches the targeted audience.


Branding gives soul to your product, added value is created through emotional or intangible associations. The key to successful branding is creating emotional value through unique emotional connections. Everything starts with branding. [view our portfolio]


Our hearts are rooted in a love for print media. Design is brought to a whole other level when you can touch and feel a printed piece. We may nerd out over paper selection and print treatments, but it all makes for an impactful end product that elevates the brand. Business cards to brochures and full cover-to-cover magazines makes us smile big. Plus, everyone likes to have a little something they can hold on to. [view our portfolio]

website development

In today’s global marketplace, no marketing action plan is complete without the integrated use of web-based technology. helium creative guides clients beyond their normal sphere of influence and into new and emerging markets with the most innovative web and e-commerce initiatives. Whether your business is service or product oriented, our team has the expertise, knowledge and creative edge to provide the best tool for your success. Our creative and web teams work in conjunction to ensure the most effective, user friendly website is produced within the brand standards. Whether a java enhanced html, e-commerce, landing or micro websites to increase your web presence our team has the experience and expertise to meet and exceed your goals. [view our portfolio]

Drone Photography

The fine arts have always been our number one source of inspiration, video being no exception. helium creative’s approach to video is inspired by our appreciation for the art of filmmaking. Beautiful cinematography and properly paced editing are key to making a video that is moving and effective in promoting your brand. Just as our print work is influenced by our love of painting and illustration, our video work draws heavily from the films we love. [view our portfolio]