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Yacht Play is a luxury yacht charter company like no other, a passionate startup company whose owners have years of hands-on industry experience. Wanting to carve a niche and wow the industry, Kirsty and Ben came to helium for Yacht Play’s full brand development.
After our discovery session, the primary focus was to position Yacht Play and solidify the brand story to best define the why, who, what and how of the company.
Yacht Play is born from passion with roots planted deeply in industry experience. To extend the at-sea serenity and rapture that only a true venturer could know. Offering a piece of untouched freedom, a personalized escape catered to the client, aboard only the finest yachts, staffed with professional crew headed for the most amazing destinations in the world.
Yacht Play is the seasoned traveler, the cultured and uninhibited voyager. The socialite who has sailed life to find living with her hair down is more fulfilling than a taut bun. Our market is affluent, a refined male/female from their late thirties to mid sixties. They are looking for the catered, high-level yacht experience that can offer adventure and serenity in an otherwise busy life on shore.
Yacht Play offers the ultimate yacht charter experience. The desire to form relationships with clients, to understand their innate desires, selecting the finest yachts, professional crew and other worldly destinations. Personal experience exploring the world’s hidden gems allows Yacht Play to provide the ultimate escape, access to an unlimited world of reverie where anything and everything is possible.
Yacht Play is a seasoned mariner, yet refined and well versed in the luxuries of the world. A desire to share a love for life at sea, the mystery and intrigue of a place accessible to the select few.
The discovery meeting brought to light a few key points of focus that will help develop + position the Yacht Play brand.
Like a friend with all the best connections, Yacht Play is a seasoned voyager who knows the ins and outs of the most desirable destinations on earth, all the while providing a level of service that’s unsurpassed.
Voyages tailored to each and every client, from crew and yacht selection to destinations and daily itineraries. Like a custom made suit crafted from the finest materials that hugs every curve just right, Yacht Play’s tailor-made charters fit every client perfectly.
Refined yet relaxed, Yacht Play is sincere and confident in their ability to deliver the best possible experience. In an industry saturated with pretention, Yacht Play comes in as the trusted and genuine brokerage.
An elevated product, sophisticated yachts, high-level and detail-oriented, personalized service, tailored travel experience.
An additional supporting list of key terms picked from the discovery session help to define the Yacht Play brand character.
Tailored [experience]
Worldly [Traveled]
A curated selection of images were compiled to start bringing visual inspiration to the key terms, initial brand story and concept. Images of breathtaking and serene nautical life paired with dominantly cool, pale tones allude to the idea of dreamlike reverie. In contrast, the vibrant nature of exploration and escape are incorporated with unexpected hues of pink, orange and yellow. There is a nod to St. Tropez and classic French influence to incorporate the romance of travel and yachting, while infusing clean, contemporary elements to bring a sense of the modern luxury Yacht Play offers.
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Once the foundation was established the Yacht Play brand statements and story were crafted, key terms defined, the voice refined and the tagline chosen. Chris, Kelly + Ryan brainstormed logos, and once finalized, the team selected their favorites to present to the client.
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Yacht Play was thrilled with the options, and decided on an alluring and sophisticated mark appealing to the effortless sensation of their lifestyle brand.
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The feel is intended to capture the essence of the yacht charter experience, while instilling the passion and personalization that Yacht Play offers to their affluent market.
Color palette options were researched and presented to the client. Color, texture and supporting accents each help to communicate the brand language and enhance the brand experience. Once the final colors were selected, they were applied to the logo.
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Visual references offering insight into the mood of the company were gathered and the tone verbally defined. Yacht Play is an adventurous and confident brand, born from passion with roots planted deeply in the industry. It embodies a classic, and effortless elegance through images of breathtaking and serene nautical life paired with dominantly bright, vivid + bold photographs of journey and freedom.
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The photographic style was identified and examples were put together in a comprehensive brand book for Kirsty and Ben. Photography helps tell your brand story, bringing all ideas and tones together to evoke an emotion and connect to the consumer. The style of photography, photo selection and consistency of images creates a recognizable brand, instilling trust and reliability. Consumers know what to expect from your brand.
Photography of sailing and mega yachts embrace the complete story of the Yacht Play lifestyle. The elegance of sails blowing in saltwater winds, bright whites against deep contrasting dark blues, and the sense of feeling relaxed upon soothing views of the horizon. These images make the viewer feel present and able to sense what it is physically like to be aboard these charters, creating an emotion at peace yet effervescent.
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We are pleased to introduce a luxury yacht charter company like no other- Yacht Play. Check out the entire Brand Book and let us know what you think. 😉