December 23, 2016
New Client Introduction // VistaBlue Singer Island

In July 2016 we were referred to the development team at VistaBlue Singer Island, a boutique luxury real estate project right on the water and already under construction, to tackle their branding needs. The task at hand was to take their existing marketing collateral and elevate them to match the caliber of their location minutes away from Palm Beach, Florida.
In evaluating the existing VistaBlue brand [website, sales gallery signage, renderings, stationery, brochure + logo] we decided a full overhaul was needed to truly communicate the uniqueness of the project and all it has to offer.
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We started by having our Brand Discovery Session with the developer, PR team + sales team to get a list of needs, including renderings and an 8’x3′ scale model so we could get those into production while we started re-working the logo.
By using a stylized serif logo, we gave the logo a more sophisticated look and brought it all to life by pairing a deep navy blue with a cool teal to play homage to the sunny days and balmy nights future residents will spend on this beach property.
We also recommended moving forward with a teaser campaign to get the new image out into the world in a short timeframe, which gives us and the sales team time to develop the full campaign with all the bells + whistles. That’s not to say the teaser campaign isn’t breathtaking on its own.
For starters, we created a pattern that can’t be missed – giving the brand a unique identifier. By mixing two patterns [a watercolor and leaves] we created a new pattern that we applied to the VistaBlue business cards, teaser brochure, teaser website, eblasts + other branded collateral. We’ll definitely take this watercolor pattern and flow it into the full campaign [stay tuned for that reveal].
Using thick, uncoated paper stock with a cotton-like feel and by applying a deboss effect to the leaves on the teaser brochure, the teaser campaign for VistaBlue came to life throughout the print materials.
brochure2 logo brochure5 brochure4 bc2 note1
To supplement the printed collateral, a teaser website, eblasts, an advertising campaign + sales center signage helped in driving the message home on a all platforms.
vis_web_2 magazine_ad
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Since launching the teaser campaign, VistaBlue has received a great amount of attention from both brokers and new buyers. The new campaign launched to much success in late October and the helium team is hard at work creating the elements for the full campaign which include a 24-page brochure and robust website. For now, check out the stunning VistaBlue Singer teaser website // here.
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