Ironwear is a leading safety products manufacturer who came to helium creative needing a brand refresh that maintained the strength of their existing brand, but in a more modern + refined setting. The resulting brand is just what they needed.
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In preparation for the brand development process, our own Chris + Ryan took a trip out to California for the National Safety Expo. Who would have guessed that?! The trip was a super helpful to get us into the safety headspace, get to know the competition, and the industry trends.
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With that experience under our belt, we set off to having a brief Discovery Session with the decision makers at Ironwear and then off to the brand research. We first crafted a brand story that would act as the backbone for the rest of the brand development. A solid brand story helps the client define their brand to others and helps us have a clear design path.
Brand Story //
Ironwear makes it possible for businesses to obtain top quality, competitively priced safety gear to ensure a safe workplace.
We respect that every client is different – but the one thing that never changes is our commitment to your safety. With our full range of safety gear, Ironwear will help define what is needed based on the task at hand. If we don’t carry a specific product needed for the intended application, we will reengineer it or build a custom design to best suit the client.
Beyond manufacturing and distribution, Ironwear is a resource for safety gear and solutions. Our decades of experience allows Ironwear to educate the market while always staying ahead of industry standards and innovation.
For the moodboard, clean lines, geometric shapes, bold color, and contemporary typographic treatments were brought together with rough textures and rugged visuals to create great contrast. This juxtaposition is the main inspiration for all things Ironwear. The elevated grit.
While we worked on the moodboard, we also started developing the voice behind the brand. By defining the positioning statement, mission statement, brand keywords + tagline, we secured that everyone knew exactly who Ironwear was and what they stood for.
Positioning Statement //
Ironwear manufactures top-quality, competitively prices safety gear for a wide range of commercial industries including oil & gas, construction, food, and manufacturing. Along with current industry insight and personalized customer support, businesses working with Ironwear receive customized solutions to achieve their safety goals now, and in the future, regardless of their size or budgetary needs.
Mission Statement //
Safety is knowledge. It’s insight, support and customized solutions designed to protect people and strengthen businesses. Our gear is manufactured with dual intent – to enhance worker safety and increase productivity.
Brand Keywords //
Durable, built to perform in extreme conditions
Always current with preventive measures, tools and education to protect people from harm
Strong industry knowledge with the resources to flex to customer needs
Peace of mind you can count on. Solid and dependable.
People and products that work and respond as promised
Easy to connect and communicate with; friendly, responsive
Clear, direct answers and solutions
Committed to understanding and backing up customer goals with skill and expertise
People who leverage knowledge in creative, efficient, and cost-effective ways
Tagline //
The Smart Side of Safety.
Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 5.24.24 PM02IRO_LogoMockup
The Ironwear logo is rooted in company heritage, taking inspiration from the original mark. A refined typographic logo that aids to elevate the brand’s visual communication. With its strong diagonal shape and modern type, the Ironwear logo is a striking, bold statement that exudes confidence, quality, and trust.
The brand colors are inspired by the safety industry and the original Ironwear heritage. Yellow, black, and white are the primary brand colors with shades of gray and warm tones acting as a background palette in photography and other material.
Ironwear_BrandIdentity_0604IRO_ColorsWe also incorporated graphic elements such as the yellow slash and the logo-inspired shield to further the Ironwear brand identification and help visually communicate it across all platforms.
The Brand Book helps wrap this awesome project into a succinct guidelines presentation that communicates the do’s and don’ts of the brand to both the client and those who will closely interact with its evolution.brandbook-1 brandbook-3
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