May 18, 2017
New Client Introduction // HAAWI

We always knew the helium crew was a fashionable bunch! If not by our outfits, by the brands we get to develop. Our newest client, HAAWI, is a fashion, handbag + accessories brand that’s on its way to becoming a desirable fashion icon. Their secret sauce – 50% of all the profits will be donated to charitable organizations that benefit women. How cool is that?! Not only is HAAWI supporting a good cause, their product line is fashion-forward and made with the modern day woman in mind.
They reached out to helium creative looking for us to develop the brand around an existing logo. Knowing the important role of having a cohesive and targeted brand when going into the competitive fashion industry, the folks at HAAWI trusted us to create the building blocks to long-term success.

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The HAAWI brand is inspired by the unique story of its founders: a 13-year-old and her dad. Young, fresh, and feminine the HAAWI brand is approachable and daring. Concepts such as bold, bright, and fashion-forward dictated the direction for the HAAWI look + feel. The HAAWI brand finds much inspiration from the fashion and beauty industry. HAAWI is an elevated fashion brand with a big heart, a brand that truly inspires others to give back and make the world a better place. It is vital that this essence is carried throughout the mood imagery.

Before we could cement the brand visuals for HAAWI, we had to develop the brand’s personality and define its core purpose.
Positioning //
Geared toward females 15 – 35 years of age, HAAWI is a lifestyle fashion brand focused on doing the most good. Designer products made from premium vegan textiles are crafted with the customer in mind and the concept of paying it forward at heart. Fifty-percent of all profits are donated to charitable organizations that benefit women, showing how sweet it is to both give and receive. HAAWI proves beautiful products can also do beautiful things for the world.
Mission Statement //
Where fashion and goodwill intersect. HAAWI serves to give with style by crafting beautiful products for a better world.
Brand Keywords //
To Give
The literal meaning of “haawi” and the heart of our brand, we give back to make the world a better place.
A modern, youthful perspective on fashion and function. 
Always fashion-forward, always on trend – style and design is the cornerstone of HAAWI. 
A balance of style and function to create smart bags for the modern customer. 
HAAWI appreciates the unique quirks that shape individuality and showcase creativity. 
An emphasis on top design, premium materials and the very best product.
Motivate the masses by leading with heart, doing the most good and always giving in style.
Although we didn’t create the original HAAWI logo, we did tweak it ever so slightly to make sure it was a professional and sophisticated mark that could carry the brand forward. We adjusted the spacing of the ‘H’ icon, the spacing between the letters, and created an alternative horizontal layout.

The brand colors are inspired by the idea of the fresh and inspiring brand that HAAWI sets to be. Blush with rose gold tones and navy are the primary brand colors, with a cool grey and bright fuchsia used as secondary colors. The colors are aimed to carry an elevated feel while still holding a playful essence.

Apart from using the HAAWI mark as a brand identifier, we also used different graphic elements to further enrich the marketing pieces. A bright pink watercolor, a free-form polka dot pattern, and the use of frame accents bring the HAAWI brand to life.
To see if the brand elements we created worked in an actual design layout, we used mockups to test everything out. Often, these mockups lead to actual design pieces later down the road.

The end product for this stage with HAAWI was the delivery of the Brand Guidelines. What we usually call around the studio ‘the brand book’, the PDF shows the ins and outs of the brand voice, brand usage, and visual direction. The guidelines also delve into the suggested photography art direction from product shots to editorial. You can see the full HAAWI Brand Guidelines here.

We can’t wait to start designing the rest of the brand deliverables. Packaging, website, merchandise – ooh, that will be fun!
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