BeMeals is a fully self-operating POS [point-of-sales] service where customers can purchase frozen whole meals that are made with farm sourced, all natural ingredients. They have a unique way of flash freezing the entrée to make it nutritional and delicious. For real! No more Chipotle runs. You’ve got options now.
The founders behind BeMeals reached out to us to develop their brand from scratch. Without even a name in mind, we developed them from A to Z.

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First things first, the name. Without even an inkling on which direction to go for the name, we played with a variety of options. Some completely symbolic, others more emotional, and a handful of food-related concepts. BeMeals was actually the completion of the tagline: Be happy, be healthy, be you, be meals. The moment we said that – we knew we had a winner.

Taking inspiration from modern design elements and vibrant food photography, BeMeals’ moodboard is rooted in contrast and vibrancy. While quirky by nature, the BeMeals mood is always sophisticated, refined, and showcases elevated design to represent the quality of product.

Positioning //
BeMeals offers whole meals for individuals looking for the most convenient and nutritious culinary option for their on-the-go lifestyle. Made with farm sourced, all natural ingredients then flash frozen to maintain nutritional integrity, BeMeals entrées are readily accessible, competitively priced and deliciously real. Flash freezing allows for a fully self-operating POS service with no monetary investment required from participating location partners, supporting these local businesses with minimal real estate occupancy or added labor for carrying BeMeals product. Additionally BeMeals freezing method generates the least amount of food waste in the healthiest manner over any other meal service.
Mission Statement //
A culture aimed to connect people back into their life by serving real foods in real time for ­­­­real eaters.
Tagline //
be happy, be healthy, be you.
Brand Keywords //
BeMeals believes in a developing a customer relationship founded upon an honest dialogue of all culinary efforts, establishing integrity-driven business practices that ensure the quality of our product for the overall wellness of our customer.
A conscious effort to connect with our community and empower small businesses through in-store sales. BeMeals also takes every stride to minimize yearly food waste in the best, healthiest manner possible. 
BeMeals offers fresh frozen entrées at accessible locations that can be heated in minutes to accommodate any lifestyle. BeMeals removes the leg-work from meal planning so customers eat great food without the hassle of decision or preparation. 
Above all, BeMeals maintains a keen focus on meal taste, quality and integrity. Rich flavor profiles, health-oriented entrées, and outstanding execution delivers consistently superior meals. 
Real Meal
Our foods focus on substance, utilizing only ingredients that honor the body and are mindful of a nutritionally balanced, whole meal. 
Inspired meals are always available at competitive prices to ensure the approachability, affordability and accessibility of the BeMeals brand.

The BeMeals logo is clean, modern and bold; a typographic mark that stands strong on creative packaging design and POS systems. This logo is intended to stand out within a sea of competitors, communicating an approachable and superior product. The bracket offers a nod to an open meal container while also creating an implied symbol for further dialogue.

The BeMeals color palette is inspired by the modern vibrance communicated throughout the brand. A warm red acts as the main brand color, while warm grey and stark black ground the palette to create balance. An overall exciting, bold color palette speaks to the fresh energy and excitement of BeMeals.

The BeMeals open bracket is used for design composition, creating a bold graphic design element when needed. It can punctuate an image frame, anchor to the side of a page or highlight text. We also played with using an implied bracket by creating negative space around an image or within a design, acting as a partial frame.

The stationery package and suggested POS design was inspired by the modern, simplistic brand. With a focus on the logo and brand colors, each deliverable is set to stand out.

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