August 13, 2018
New Client Introduction // Bad Harriet

Located in the basement of the historic Aspen Times building in Aspen, Colorado [home of Auberge Resorts’ Hotel Jerome] – Bad Harriet is an upscale bar designed to bring out your darker side.
A branding project like no other, we had the opportunity to build the brand concept around the wife of the hotel’s original developer and proprietor, Jerome B. Wheeler, creating a cheeky narrative twist to Harriet’s otherwise well-behaved persona.
From naming the specialty drinks to breaking out the leather for custom-made menus – this brand had us crawling on the floor, begging for more.
Bad Harriet
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Inspired by the dark, cinematic aesthetic of film noir and the femme fatale, we denoted Bad Harriet as the Queen Bee of Hotel Jerome. The playful, mischievous brand pairs midnight black tones with a high contrast gold and a delicate blush tone that illustrates the mysterious qualities of Bad Harriet.
Queen Bee of Hotel Jerome
The Bad Harriet brand is the embodiment of modern edge meets timeless classic sophistication. Elegant and mysterious; dark humor paired with dark colors and dark ambiance.
Positioning //
Bad Harriet allows a guest to explore their darker side, whether diving in full force or simply dipping a toe in waters of intrigue. We focus on crafting a detailed guest experience alongside gourmet tapas and drinks within a designer lounge in the underbelly of Hotel Jerome.
Mission Statement //
Well-behaved guests will always leave with a sinful smile.
Tagline //
Mind Your Manners
Bad Harriet logo
The Bad Harriet logo is a typographic mark inspired by film noir. This is a flexible logo that can stand alone or be paired with the bee icon.
Bad Harriet
The color palette speaks to old Hollywood glamour, while the graphic elements are used to further the brand identification. These brand elements can be used on their own or combined.
Bad Harriet
We also had the opportunity to design the restaurant collateral pieces for Bad Harriet including a leather menu with gold stamping and blush pink menu paper, t-shirts, hats, check presenters, coasters, and more!
Bad Harriet t-shirts
Stay tuned for more of the Bad Harriet brand on instagram or facebook @heliumcreative!