Urban [or urban living] has definitely been a buzzword in recent years. We live + work in Fort Lauderdale, a sleepy beach town turned sprawling urban city, and we frequently develop brands who are poised to succeed in leading cities across the nation.
Just imagine our faces when we were approached by an upcoming mixed-use urban development in North Miami to conceptualize the project name as well as create the full brand experience. Excited, to say the least.

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Since the project offers 5 main lifestyle components [Social, Professional, Recreational, Entertainment + Wellness], we saw a unique opportunity to use brand positioning, color + imagery to help visually define and identify a new take on city living. In one of the first meetings with the developers, we presented a variety of names that played on focusing on these 5 lifestyles. The name, 5 PARK, organically came out of the discussion as it highlighted the lifestyles and also the property’s close proximity to some of South Florida’s most popular nature parks. A tagline was also coined, which summed it all: The Nature of Connection.

Millennials, textures, style, and the connection to nature inspire the overall 5 PARK brand. The moodboard we put together for the brand is sleek, modern, bold. The combination of natural textures and vivid elements in design create a contemporary and urban aesthetic.

Before we could cement the brand visuals for 5 PARK, we developed the brand’s personality and defined its core purpose.
Positioning //
Connected to the best of South Florida while also delivering its own rich urban lifestyle, 5 PARK is both a destination and a catalyst for the future of city living. Here, residents have access to all they need with a vibrant retail, dining, and entertainment district located right outside their front doors. 5 PARK stands on the edge of metropolitan life with close proximity to Miami and Fort Lauderdale, while being surrounded by city parks and urban energy. Only a short distance from major travel routes, 5 PARK ensures a steady flow of energy and possibility as North Miami Beach’s future capital of progress.
Mission Statement //
Inspired by progress and built from vision, 5 PARK is a step forward in sophisticated urban living that includes more than just chic, stylish residences – but also a smart approach to delivering lifestyles that are connected to social, professional, entertainment, recreational and wellness opportunities that stimulate our community. 
Brand Keywords //
Forward-thinking, a positive break from the traditional
Downtown atmosphere with style and activity
Close to major points of interest, parks, beaches, and also a destination in itself
Inspiring, positive, multi-dimensional
One of the first properties of its kind in the immediate area
A “vibe” that is always “on” and always inviting
In step with what modern life demands/also integrates railway feature
The idea that this property is “the right place at the right time”
Both in the sense of location, but also in the sense of value and convenience
Something that becomes the basis for other things, actions, events, or developments
The 5 PARK logo is a play on the 5 lifestyles that are connected to the project. A simplistic and modern mix of icon and typography aims to elevate the brand’s visual communication. The logo is simplistic and strikes as a catalyst for possibility.
Logo exploration.
Final logo.
The brand colors are inspired by bright, bold, and edgy photography. While black and white serve as primary colors for typography, Magenta, Violet, Turquoise, Cobalt + Orange are the primary brand colors with coordinating tones in background imagery and other material.
Each of the 5 brand color represents a 5 PARK lifestyle component: Social, Professional, Recreational, Entertainment + Wellness.

The end product for this stage with 5 PARK was the delivery of the Brand Guidelines. What we usually call around the studio ‘the brand book’, the PDF shows the ins and outs of the brand voice, brand usage, and visual direction. The guidelines also delve into the suggested photography art direction from product shots to editorial.

We can’t wait to start designing the rest of the brand deliverables.

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