We are officially in the sixth month of the year, the halfway mark. How crazy is that?! We’ve been plugging away creating beautiful design work for our clients and there’s an amazing, top-secret brand development project that we can’t wait to show you. Soon. We also have a couple of new websites going live in the next week or so. Until then, we wanted to share what has been inspiring us.
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Surprisingly, our Pinterest inspiration board has been filled with color, lots of color! It is officially summer here in South Florida and bright colors always play a huge part of summer living. Something about the harsher summer light makes everything that much more vibrant.
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Of course, all the color is balanced with our faves – black and white. You can never go wrong with black and white. It exudes a clean, modern feel while timeless and elegant at the same time. Always a great solution.
This mood board is from The Design Chaser blog based in New Zealand, which makes sense because June is their winter. Hence the black, white + gray palette paired with cozy sweaters. Here, in Florida, we still wear those fabulous colors just in lighter weight fabrics. Love it.
Space or the sky in general is also a dominant theme. The starry night is just so magical. And the colors, depth, and texture in the sky from morning to night, on sunny days, and rainy days are mesmerizing – like a kaleidoscope constantly changing designs.
We have been slightly obsessed with drone shots here in the studio. Especially drone video – it’s amazing!! The perspective is still new to us, landscapes look entirely different when viewed from above. We’re trying to convince Chris we need a helium drone. He hasn’t bitten yet, but we’re working on it. lol
We hope we’ve shown you some inspiring eye candy! We’d love to see what’s inspiring you. Let us know on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter by tagging @heliumcreative.