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How Shapes Inspire Layout + Composition

angles_moodboard04 copy


Recently we’ve been crushing on angles. They give such a modern, graphic feel to the layout, instantly making us think fashion or luxury.




By layering shapes over imagery a designer can create emphasis and give dimension to the page. Angled lines can also be used to shape a paragraph, so the words become another design element on the page and not just copy.




Hiding a portion of the image with angular forms creates a sense of mystery, making the audience want to know more about the content.




We use the letterform “V” as inspiration when designing layouts for Veer Towers. “V” naturally lends itself to angled design elements, which is perfect for the Veer marketing collateral. Why is it so perfect? The Veer Tower buildings actually lean across each other at a 5-degree angle. It’s a design match made in heaven!










veer-last chance_eblast_mu


Have you used angles in your design layouts? Let us know how by tagging @heliumcreative on Instagram and Facebook!

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