Artifact Uprising is a company we’ve had a crush on since discovering them in February. They are an internet-based company that creates beautiful, tangible products for your digital photos. Your images are printed on thick, matte card stock that can be displayed with or without a frame. The thick card stock is just so delicious.
Artifact Uprising Logo FINAL
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And the photo books are works of art. Meticulously bound, filled with 100% recycled, matte finish paper.
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After visiting their website we fell even more in love with the brand. The clean design, the imagery, the language, the dedication to storytelling and their audience engagement had us reading their website in detail for more time than we care to admit.
The website features an idea gallery where they share products people have made and posted to Instagram. It’s not only inspiration for future clients, but they’re giving people an opportunity to show off their creations, which makes them feel special. The gallery is also an amazing social media marketing tactic, because people are hashtagging #ArtifactUprising for the chance to be featured.
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Another genius social media marketing move is the TellOn category of the Artifact Uprising blog. It’s a curated gallery of inspiring photos selected weekly from their Instagram #TellOn. The campaign stems from the belief that everyone has a story to tell, a story that inspires possibility.
Their brand statement and core values, the heart of a well-defined brand, are cohesive and inspiring.
The Artifact Uprising Manifesto
ARTIFACT UPRISING // inspired by the disappearing beauty
of the tangible / bettered by a community of inspired
storytellers / driven by the belief everyone has a story
to tell. Tell On.
Our [Artifact] Core Values
CREATIVITY / for all things, endless possibility. for every story, endless ways to tell it.
COMMUNITY / we seek to cultivate a community of inspired storytellers – of movers, shakers, do-ers, designers, creatives, artists, thinkers, joy-makers. we believe in the power of community to ignite creativity.
LEAVE A LEGACY / we believe in the story that is archived for future generations. we believe in moving stories off our computers…and into our lives.
THE POWER OF ONE / to create art. and change the world.
PASSION / without it, we are nothing.
ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY / we strive to be kind stewards to mama earth and her happy forest. we are committed to using environmentally responsible papers and are always seeking ways to minimize our impact on the outdoors – a playground that shapes so much of who we are.
AUTHENTICITY / in all things. in our communication agency. in our company. in the transparency of our supply chain. in our own story.
When crafting core values for a company we always consider the history and how each word relates to the culture. Artifact Uprising is a great example of how a company can embody their core values. In fact I could illustrate how they meet each one of their values, but I won’t bore you with that. The most obvious is their commitment to environmental responsibility. All of their products are printed on 100% recycled papers and the wood products are made from reclaimed mountain beetle pine wood, which is otherwise considered waste.
So to wrap things up, Artifact Uprising is this month’s #heliumlovesbrand feature, because they have fantastic products, an inspiring voice, well formed brand statements and they engage with their audience in an incredibly authentic way through the power of story.
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