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Yacht Play is a luxury yacht charter brokerage like no other, born from passion with roots planted deeply in industry experience. Offering a piece of untouched freedom, a personalized escape catered to the client aboard only the finest yachts staffed with professional crew headed for the most amazing destinations in the world. Wanting to carve a niche and wow the industry, Kirsty Pollon came to helium for Yacht Play’s full brand development – brand strategy, identity, website design + development.




Yacht Play embodies a classic and effortless elegance through images of breathtaking and serene nautical life paired with dominantly bright, vivid + bold photographs of journey and freedom. There is a nod to St. Tropez and classic French influence to incorporate the romance of travel and yachting, while infusing clean, contemporary elements to bring a sense of the modern luxury. Calm and tranquil ambiance of destinations and leisure juxtapose the energetic and dynamic imagery of adventure.

main + supporting colors

The blue hues create a direct feeling of water, cleanliness, and the salty ocean air, while enabling an overall trusted and confident brand. The light and bright supporting colors create an engaging contrast and neutrality against the blues.


The combination between the use of san-serif Proxima Nova + Tisa Pro create a balance of simplicity and sophistication that represents Yacht Play.


Photography of sailing, yachts, and incredible destinations embrace the complete story of the Yacht Play lifestyle. The elegance of sails blowing in saltwater winds, bright whites against deep contrasting dark blues, and the sense of feeling relaxed upon soothing views of the horizon. Imagery of bows breaking waves contrast the anchored yachts on tranquil teal waters, all while embracing the luxury of vacationing in dream destinations.



We positioned Yacht Play as a company offering discerning travelers the ultimate customized yacht charter escape developed from years of hands-on industry experience. The mission was to pull clients from their reality into ours. A world where excitement never ends, new experiences abound and the escape is endless. The strategy naturally lead to the tagline, 'Luxury. Adventure. Freedom.' The logo + website for Yacht Play gives an alluring and sophisticated appeal for the effortless lifestyle brand. The feel is intended to capture the essence of the yacht charter experience, while instilling the passion and personalization that Yacht Play offers to their affluent market.

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