Luck Stone

Stone Is Just The Start.

Luck Stone is a producer of construction aggregates that help build the future. A company that has been in business just shy of 100 years, helium was approached to rebrand the company to create a more cohesive and updated position, messaging and identity system.




Discovery + Mood Board

mood board

The inspiration for Luck Stone is found in the balance of gritty and contemporary, clean and rough. There is always a spark of inspiration behind the brand, whether in language or visual design, a warmth or creative edge communicates a brand that is truly an innovator.



While helium made only slight adjustments to the Luck Stone logo, we further developed how the logo would be used in color, treatment and identity systems to communicate the brand.

main + supporting colors

The Luck Stone color palette is filled with colorful contrast against subdued hues. A sophisticated palette to communicate a modern grit matched with vibrant tones to inspire and motivate.


We took some of the existing corporate elements, such as iconography, and pushed it further with natural textures, patterns and typography to give more life to the brand.




Innovate, Impact, Inspire.
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