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Ironwear is a leading safety products manufacturer that goes above and beyond their call of duty. They came to helium creative needing a brand refresh that maintained the strength of their existing brand, but in a more modern + refined setting. The resulting brand is just what they needed.




The Ironwear brand finds much inspiration within the industry. Rough textures, job-site grit and product materials play a large role in adding visual interest. The goal, however, is to strike a balance between the rough and modern.

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Clean lines, geometric shapes, bold color and design along with contemporary typographic treatment are intended to contrast rough textures and rugged visuals. This juxtaposition is the main inspiration for all things Ironwear. The elevated grit.



The Ironwear logo is rooted in company heritage, taking inspiration from the original mark. A refined typographic logo that aids to elevate the brand’s visual communication. With its strong diagonal shape and modern type, the Ironwear logo is a striking, bold statement that exudes confidence, quality and trust.


The brand colors are inspired by the safety industry and the original Ironwear heritage. Yellow, black and white are the primary brand colors with shades of gray and warm tones acting as a background palette in photography and other material.



Graphic elements, such as the yellow slash and the logo-inspired shield, are used to further the Ironwear brand identification and help to visually communicate it. These items can be used sparingly so as not to overwhelm or clutter a composition.

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