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ImmunoLabs has been a leader in food sensitivity testing for decades. The company is a well-established, well-respected scientific laboratory that has helped countless patients uncover allergies and sensitivities to food and ingredients, ultimately changing  lives. helium was brought on to rebrand the company, bringing their messaging and identity up-to-date, to best communicate their services and company to a changing market. We repositioned and branded, created a new identity system, and forthcoming collateral for ImmunoLabs.


mood board

The brand visual communication will balance both the science and the inspiration behind Immuno Labs. A modern feel with timeless shapes and color that creates a bold identity system. Color is drawn from the blood test, the body, environment and emotional aspect of Immuno Labs. This collage of imagery was sourced solely for inspiration and moodboard purposes and were not created by our studio.

main + supporting colors

The Immuno Labs color palette is composed of a series of vibrant hues contrasted against a serious white, gray, and deep blue. A sophisticated palette to communicate ImmunoLabs’ empowering mission and trusted guarantee.


Elements + Immuno Display Custom Typography

The Power of Knowing
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