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HAAWI is a fashion, handbag + accessories brand that’s on its way to becoming a desirable fashion icon with 50% of all profits being donated to charitable organizations that benefit women. How cool is that?! Not only is HAAWI supporting a good cause, their product line is fashion-forward and made with the modern day woman in mind.


They reached out to helium creative looking for us to develop the brand around an existing logo. Knowing the important role of having a cohesive and targeted brand when going into the competitive fashion industry, the folks at HAAWI trusted us to create the building blocks to long-term success.




The HAAWI brand is inspired by the unique story of its founders: a 13-year-old and her dad. Young, fresh, and feminine the HAAWI brand is approachable and daring.

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The brand finds much inspiration from the fashion and beauty industry. Smooth textures, rich textiles, and bold artistry play a large role in adding visual interest.



Although we didn’t create the original HAAWI logo, we did tweak it ever so slightly to make sure it was a professional and sophisticated mark that could carry the brand forward.


The brand colors are inspired by the idea of the fresh and inspiring brand that HAAWI sets to be. Blush with rose gold tones and navy are the primary brand colors, with a cool grey and bright fuchsia used as secondary colors. The colors are aimed to carry an elevated feel while still holding a playful essence.



Apart from using the HAAWI mark as a brand identifier, we also used different graphic elements to further enrich the marketing pieces. A bright pink watercolor, a free-form polka dot pattern, and the use of frame accents bring the HAAWI brand to life.

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