Gulf Building

construction + development

Gulf Building came to helium for a full rebrand and web design. The twenty year old construction and development company had a successful business but an inconsistent identity. Gulf needed a strong foundation and cohesive brand to begin expanding their business into the commercial development arena.




After touring many of Gulf’s projects, going on job sites and meeting the team, we began to see the creative foundation behind what they do. Most importantly, the high level of trust and personalization Gulf has with their clients. A story evolved from initial keywords: trust, building, relationships and connection – one that shaped the brand identity as a company who not only builds structures, but also builds experiences. We eventually coined the new tagline: Your Experience, Built.

mood board

A selection of images and inspiration that we used to drive the visual essence of the brand.



We found inspiration in Bahaus art + design, a structured + modern aesthetic. This initial direction lent itself to the idea of construction, offering geometric elements that could be used as building blocks. Linear, structurally sound visual inspiration set the foundation for the Gulf brand. Key concepts revolved around connectivity along with a strong sense of trust and security.

main + supporting colors

Navy, gold and white are main colors, supported by vivid variations in yellow and blue. The color tones help convey the sense of trust, stability and elevated workmanship of Gulf, while the supporting colors allow for a more approachable, creative contrast.


A structured, chiseled typeface was selected as the main brand font to compliment the geometirc logo mark.


The logo was deconstructed into its essential building blocks, the driving concept behind the Gulf brand. These building blocks are then used as supporting design elements to further brand recognition and identity.



A full identity package and responsive website was created for Gulf Building, allowing the brand fundamentals to begin taking shape. The website focused on showcasing Gulf’s work, so strong visuals and graphics were used throughout.



The success of Gulf’s rebranding brought upon an increased level of attention to their commercial development sector, a primary objective of our initiatives. With spiked interest in their services and continued client accolades for their new identity and experience, Gulf is effectively positioned for success.

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