Biota Aquariums

a sustainable saltwater aquarium ecosystem

Biota Aquariums is the only provider of a complete, sustainable saltwater aquarium ecosystem. An eager startup company, Biota came to helium for full brand development prior to product launch to ensure they were putting their best foot forward in a highly competitive landscape. We were excited to work with a passionate company whose underlying purpose is to share a lifelong love + fascination with the ocean and marine life.




The logo for Biota Aquariums gives a whimsical essence to the playful and mesmerizing brand. The feel is intended to ignite vibrant curiosity and inspire others to explore the magical connection between themselves and the ocean.

main + supporting colors

A vivid color system comes to life and is supported through the selection of macro-focused photography of sea life creatures and textures.


With its slight quirkiness in the curved descenders and large x-height, the Pluto Sans typeface conveys a modern, yet playful brand aesthetic.


The use of bold photography provides an easily recognized and distinctly unique position, while engaging customers with the awe and intrigue of the sea. Images of vibrant marine life, abstract corals, and anemones paired with pictures of people coated in saturated colors communicate the idea of bringing the vitality of the ocean into everyday life. It’s about connecting the adult to the kid inside and conveying this excitement through the vivid, bold imagery.



Vivid photography + typography convey the brand’s enigmatic concept across business cards + stunning marketing collateral. A heavy weight stock and magenta edging communicate an elevated experience that speaks to the uniqueness of the product.

see life in color
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