frozen wholesome meals on the go

BeMeals is a self-operating POS service where customers can purchase frozen whole meals that are made with farm sourced, all natural ingredients. With a unique way of flash freezing the entrée to make it nutritional and delicious,  they reached out to us to develop their brand from scratch. Without even a name in mind, we developed them from A to Z.

Since their POS kiosk will be located in pre-existing venues that don’t sell food, it was important to create a bold brand that would stand out. The end result is a brand that is modern and eye-catching.




The BeMeals brand voice is bright and progressive. BeMeals is relatable to the consumer. Rather than talk down or educate the consumer, BeMeals talks with them as a friend, as a trusted resource who has been in their shoes and also wants the same great product.

mood board

Taking inspiration from modern design elements and vibrant food photography, BeMeals’ moodboard is rooted in contrast and vibrancy. The contrast of bold typography, stark color blocking, and vivid colors with minimal design, neutral tones, and rich textures create the brand feel. This playfulness speaks to the diversity of our market. While quirky by nature, the BeMeals mood is always sophisticated, refined, and showcases elevated design to represent the quality of product. Ultimately, BeMeals is serious about food, health, ingredients, value and their customer - this mindfulness is woven throughout the BeMeals mood.



The BeMeals logo is clean, modern and bold; a typographic mark that stands strong on packaging and POS systems. This logo is intended to stand out within a sea of competitors, communicating an approachable and superior product. The bracket offers a nod to an open meal container while also creating an implied symbol for further dialogue.


The BeMeals color palette is inspired by the modern vibrance communicated throughout the brand.



The stationery package and suggested POS design was inspired by the modern, simplistic brand. With a focus on the logo and brand colors, each deliverable is set to stand out.

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