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Baird is a global coastal engineering firm based in Canada with over 3 decades of experience. The firms principal, Bill Baird, came to helium for a brand refresh. Hours were spent discussing the company history, why it was initially formed, and what they love doing. Baird loves a challenge, the opportunity to solve a puzzle, the unknown, to devise solutions advancing science + engineering methods where water meets land. This approach to coastal engineering places Baird at the forefront of their industry as true pioneers who set forth to change the world; one shoreline, one coastline, one ocean, lake or river at a time. From this core brand philosophy we developed an authoritative, compelling brand strategy + identity, which we then applied to print collateral.




The logo + tagline for Baird is intended to build off the brand history, capitalizing on the original Baird typeface by bringing it into a modern, timeless visual presence. A bold font selection punctuated with a period communicates the strength and authority of the Baird brand.

main + supporting colors

Modern meets classic. Nostalgic tones and inspiration are countered with fresh perspective. Varied colors of water and mist dominate the Baird palette. Shades of blue aligned with cool greys work together to paint a moody, strong visual representation of a brand that appreciates tradition, while constantly looking forward. Brown, deeper shades are incorporated as a grounding element to offer an earthy feeling with a powerful aesthetic.


Quarto is the main Baird font. It is selected as a modern nod to the old Baird typeface. Quarto is classic yet stylized, it is fantastic for communicating the confidence and integrity of Baird. The use of Helvetica in contrast to the more traditional appearance of Quarto, plays on the duality of Baird as innovative engineers. The left brain meets the right brain. Classic meets modern.


Business cards, letterhead + eye-catching brand elements have been created to ensure this innovative brand is always putting their best foot forward.



The idea of Baird as modern day pioneers of coastal engineering is a driving force behind the brand inspiration and style. As innovators, explorers, engineers and creative problem solvers, Baird naturally has inspiration rooted in a few key areas: the ocean, old-school exploration, curiosity, structure and weathered material. The result is a timeless, fresh approach with organic elements that convey an appreciation for our environment, balanced with deep tones and imagery to express the experience, trust and authority of Baird.

the modern day pioneer
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