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These guys are fun. We were fortunate to be able to work with this crew of General Contractors who call themselves “Raw Craftsman.” They do the nitty gritty, but are true hands-on artists who work with raw materials to create amazing commercial and residential work. From home remodeling to custom countertops, reclaimed wood walls, one of a kind furniture and sinks. Our goal was to communicate the artistry behind what they do while marrying it with the authenticity of who they are.




We quickly realized that there was a lot of room to play. In a relatively cut and dry industry, we wanted to position Alternative Constructors as the step-above in contracting and structural artistry. With an emphasis on words like creativity, art, design, precision and entrepreneurial, we began honing in on a brand story that shaped AC as the ‘creative rebels of general contracting’.

mood board

A selection of images and inspiration that we used to drive the visual essence of the brand.



We were making general contracting cool. Highlighting the art and craftsmanship behind what these guys do everyday. They definitely are the artists in their field. We concepted a down and dirty aesthetic, hands covered in paint while working on high-end projects. Witty messaging compliments a grungy meets refined aesthetic. These guys have a creative vision and keen eye that needed to be portrayed in their brand experience. It was all about the details.

main + supporting colors

Black, white, charcoal and yellow make up the Alternative Constructor color spectrum. Minimal and dark, with a strong accent that gave an eclectic, bold life to the brand.


Handwriting that was messy and rough became the main type treatment, accented by a clean and structured typeface for contrast.


Supporting brand elements that aid in communicating the brand is accents of handwriting, yellow masking tape and dusty + chalk smudged material to give the feel of work in progress.



helium created a full website, mobile site, logo and print collateral for Alternative Constructors that cohesively carried the essence of the brand. Custom masking tape wrapped around business cards offered a layered, hands-on approach; while messaging like “Born To Trowel” or “Certifiably Not Afraid To Get Our Hands Dirty” furthered the bold, witty language.



Since branding Alternative Constructors, their business has grown exponentially. With clients all over South Florida, they have become the contractors known for a high quality, innovative and artistically inclined product. We’d like to think their brand had a little something to do with that :)

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