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In 2016, an upcoming mixed-use urban development in Miami came to helium creative to name the project as well as create the full brand experience. Since the project offers 5 main lifestyle components, we saw a unique opportunity to use color + imagery to help visually define and identify a new take on city living.


Inspired by progress, the now named 5 PARK is a step forward in sophisticated urban living. The ‘5’ in the name was born from the 5 lifestyles buyers and visitors will enjoy at the property: social, professional, entertainment, recreational and wellness. The use of ‘PARK’ was inspired due to the project’s proximity to some of South Florida’s most iconic parks, such as Oleta River State Park.




5 PARK is a cultivated, yet sophisticated brand that promises possibility and accessibility. The brand is a catalyst in the industry and it is important that the sleek, modern, and simple aesthetic is communicated throughout all materials.

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Sleek, modern, bold. Millennials, textures, style, and the connection to nature inspire the overall 5 PARK brand. The combination of natural textures and vivid elements in design create a contemporary and urban aesthetic.



The logo is a play on the five delivering lifestyles that are connected to the project. A simplistic and modern mix of icon and typography aims to elevate the brand’s visual communication.


The brand colors are inspired by bright, bold, and edgy photography. While black and white serve as primary colors for typography, Magenta, Violet, Turquoise, Cobalt, + Orange are the primary brand colors with coordinating tones in background imagery and other material.



Each color corresponds to a specific lifestyle: social, professional, entertainment, recreational and wellness. The intention is that each lifestyle will have a corresponding color to be used in wayfinding signage and promotional materials.

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