If there’s one takeaway from our fall inspiration moodboard, it’s that we’re crushin’ hard on some neutral tones. Maybe it’s the unlikely [and welcomed] gloomy + windy weather we’ve been experiencing in South Florida. Maybe it’s daylight savings time, which has us watching the sunset from our office window. Or maybe we’re longing for the cozy holidays, but whatever the reason – we’re very into the neutrals right now.
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Neutral colors and tones in both design and fashion are mostly inspired from nature and as plant + nature lovers at heart, there’s no surprise elements from the natural world always end up in our inspiration board. Let it be real plants or plant illustrations, the rich greens and textures found in leaves can take our design into a new direction.
For example, with one of our most recent clients, VistaBlue Singer Island, we found a to-die-for leaf pattern that spoke to the luxury of the property and the island location. Since we were already using a watercolor effect in the design, we ended up creating complete a new pattern blending this leaf pattern with a watercolor. The resulting brand identifying pattern really captures the attention of buyers and brokers alike.
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Neutral tones and nature also lend to playing with organic shapes. The non-structured. Moments of life that are captured or give the sense of fluidity.
And, of course, we always have touches of nautical or marine inspired images in our inspiration boards. Perhaps because we have a beach studio or maybe it’s a nod to our own helium blue.
Perfectly paired with the blues + greens that pop up in our palette, you can find the yellows + golds. If you were to look at our body of work as a whole, you’ll see ebbs and flows of color palettes that are chosen depending on our clients’ industry, target audiences, and design inspiration. Within those waves of color, every now and then, we’ll use a striking and bold color that will, quite frankly, even shock us. We love these moments! We see bold yellows, shiny golds, and even cobalt blues and fire reds sprinkled throughout our design inspo and we look forward to perhaps bringing in one of these tones into a future branded color palette.
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