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The helium tank is our mash up of ideas + art + design + events and everything in between. Work that makes us smile, art that’s all around, events that we hope you’ll join us, or words we’re stitching together. The helium tank is a big window into who we are.

ROK earns National ADDY Award

We are excited to announce the National ADDY Award recognition we received for our work in brand development with ROK Hotel and Residences in Kingston, Jamaica. From initial storytelling and conception, to identity design, sales/marketing materials and in-room collateral, this project is a true reflection of the rise of downtown Kingston.

We honed in on the budding arts and cultural movement happening in the downtown community, positioning the Hilton Tapestry property as the beacon for this cultural resurgence in Kingston. After writing an in-depth narrative, research, and analysis, we crafted the language, look, and feel of ROK to align with the energy of it’s environment and heritage.

The brand for ROK has received numerous accolades in the past year, and we are so happy to be recognized on a national level for this great project!

Check out some of the work on our portfolio.

The Art of Embracing Change

One of our writers lives in a neighborhood where the city is in the middle of a huge tree-planting project. Their streets had lost a great deal of canopy when Hurricane Irma came through a few years ago, and the shady covered roads had lost a bit of their charm. Almost as soon as the project started, however, neighbors had complaints. “Trees are messy,” and “I never asked for a tree” were popular complaints as were the responses from excited residents who couldn’t understand why anyone would be resistant to nature. In most cases it wasn’t the tree itself that was a problem for any one neighbor as much as the unexpected change to the city-owned property in front of their homes.

As human beings, we’re all somewhat resistant to change – especially when we’re in a situation that “works” for us. It is a instinctual behavior developed over centuries to help us know how to survive harsh winters, how to avoid poisonous berries, and later, how to stay away from the dangers of gas station sushi. Embracing change is a skill that can be learned like anything else.

Start by identifying your emotions. Does the change make you mad? Worried? Anxious? Confused? Then, locate the source of that feeling. For our story above, some neighbors were mad that no one had contacted them to let them know the project was taking place. Others were worried trees would be planted too close to power lines. Some were confused about how the city chose certain types of trees [all native species]. These were all concerns that could be easily answered once the feeling of resistance was identified.

That’s not always enough for some people. Many of us like to hold on to things out of tradition or memory. Sometimes the logical answer doesn’t solve the emotional dilemma. In those cases, one of the most powerful exercises to try in the attempt to accept change is to take all the people out of the equation. That may sound strange at first, but consider the following: a resident doesn’t want a tree because, well, they just don’t. The city wants one because it cools streets and improves property value. Take the people out of that situation and what’s left is the tree. What would the tree want? Is the tree really asking for too much? “Mysteriously” and anonymously, the trees on our writer’s street all showed up one morning with name tags and a thank you note that went something like this… Hi! I’m Trevor. I’m a Florida Pigeon Plum and I am super grateful for this friendly piece of soil you’ve given me to grow and be part of your home. I’m great at holding orchids in my branches, I don’t require a lot of water, and I’m pretty strong against hurricanes once my roots grow in. Thank you for being my friend. The neighbors who had been protesting having the trees removed withdrew their complaints. By taking the idea of a winner and loser out of the equation, the change was easier to accept.

Our lives have changed a ton recently. They’re going to keep changing for the foreseeable future. The choice we have is in how we manage those changes. Recognizing resistance is how we accept change. Learning to accept change is how we grow.

Let’s Get Digital!

If you’re getting tired of digital conference calls, you’re not alone. Whenever helium sees a trend that is becoming oversaturated, our immediate instinct is to innovate ways to improve it. This ties right into our philosophy regarding every piece we create. We are not content to simply put together a brochure – we instead like to challenge ourselves to develop tight, concise pieces of visual and verbal storytelling. Websites are more than digital brochures – they are interactive windows into the experience and emotions of a brand. The same is possible for digital meetings and events.

Traditionally, we think of online conferencing as video-enabled phone calls. While this is true to a point, it only scratches the surface of what the technology allows. Video conferencing can work very much like a television episode, complete with scripted voiceovers, optimized recordings and visuals, collaborative content recorded from specific locations. Some of our real estate clients have tapped into video technology through our augmented reality offerings – property walkthroughs, location fly-overs, day-to-night transitions – all can happen in first-person perspective just like a prospect who would normally tour a sales gallery. While some of these presentations were originally created to support sales efforts during social distancing, clients have quickly realized how useful these tools are for cultivating leads with international audiences.

Other clients are learning how to navigate social media in more exciting ways. Episodic offerings are gaining new fans and followers. People are connecting with brands in ways that forge strong and lasting relationships. Company and brand personalities are shining through thanks to quality production value and a willingness to explore new opportunities.

Digital has been the “next” frontier for marketing and branding for some time. These days, however, it is becoming the “now” frontier – and helium is happy to help you take advantage of everything modern-day digital has to offer.

The Write Stuff

Reading about writing is sort of like eating about cooking. They’re connected activities, but there’s a little more to it than tossing ingredients together and pulling out a lasagna. There are steps to creating strong content. 

First and foremost [and we can’t stress this enough] great content begins with great input. A talented copywriter may be able to build and expand on even small details, but give that same writer plenty of resources and background and they can work wonders. At helium, we’ve gotten pretty skilled at asking the right questions to gather the kind of insight that inspires writers, and we also make it a point to keep clients engaged in ongoing communication since sometimes ideas take time to mature.

Effective copywriting also has to consider style or tone. That’s because the way something is said is often just as – if not more – important than what is said. Very straight-laced, precise, almost academic language appeals to a different audience than content that has a humorous slant. Likewise, if there is an emotion an audience should feel when reading content, the choice of words and the length and flow of content matter tremendously.  

One of the most challenging aspects of creating excellent content is authenticity. There’s a big difference between a product that is truly innovative and one that simply comes in a new color. It is why diamonds are described as “exquisite” and rhinestones are simply “sparkly.” It can be easy to get attached to a specific word, but that doesn’t mean it is the right fit for every brand. When we create content for our clients we want them to be the best versions of themselves, while still remaining true to what their product, service, or offering actually is. In the long run, this closes more sales by attracting the right kinds of customers and prospects in the first place.

Isolation Inspiration

If you’re used to a collaborative process, then quarantine has likely been difficult. A Zoom conference call is great for staying in touch, but tends to be a bit slower than working out visual and creative challenges in person. Some of us feed off the experience of defending our ideas, or making suggestions and improvements to the ideas of others. When it’s just you and a sketchpad, those activities are noticeably missing. So, how do we try to keep things fresh? One of the most effective activities we’ve found is to challenge our own thinking. Everyone is strained and stressed right now, so constructive criticism is hard to give and receive. That means it’s up to each of us to be our own critics and evaluate whether or not an idea is up to par as well as how it could be stronger.

// One approach is to take on the personality of someone else you know. It can be a family member, your least favorite college professor, your best friend, or even your worst enemy. Put your work up to their scrutiny [or your perception of it] and see what you learn. Nothing feels better than proving someone wrong or knowing you exceeded lofty expectations. If your work stands up to multiple viewpoints, the more likely it is to have deeper meaning with external audiences.

// Another way to think more broadly even in isolation is to apply your skills in seemingly unrelated directions. As designers and brand builders, we can sometimes get overly focused on the piece. One way we break out of that thinking is to take something completely unrelated and ask ourselves “How would we make an ad campaign for that?” It might be a product we see at the store, or it might be a scene in nature, or a meal we’ve cooked. Stretching the mind in a new way always reveals new perspectives.

// When more direct methods prove ineffective, or we really are “just stuck,” we tap into the tremendous power of simply walking away. Just like you sometimes have to reset a stuck wifi connection, brains and imaginations need to be reset from time to time as well. Meditation works great. So does exercise. But truthfully, anything that gives your senses a total change of scenery is appropriate. Do not get caught in the trap that perusing some social media is as therapeutic as time away from a computer when it comes to giving your brain a break. It is usually much more productive to do something that engages your brain differently than doing something mindless.

Most importantly, take time for you. With everyone working from home these days, the regimented, reliable schedule of the workday tends to spill over into family time or free time. At first, you feel accomplished and motivated… but keep it up and you’re on the fast track to getting burned out. Allowing yourself to be the kind of person who experiences the world beyond your desk is what keeps the creative fires burning.