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The helium tank is our mash up of ideas + art + design + events and everything in between. Work that makes us smile, art that’s all around, events that we hope you’ll join us, or words we’re stitching together. The helium tank is a big window into who we are.

may 365 balloon challenge – venice magazine


Our friends from Venice Magazine took a stab at our 365 Balloon Challenge during the month of June; and it’s safe to say they’ve passed the challenge. We loved every single picture and the creative sparkle Venice added.

Thank you, Venice Magazine, for participating in our challenge, we can’t wait to hear Nila speak in this month’s Inspirational Friday on June 13th at 6PM in our studio.


If you or your company would like to be a part of the 365 Balloon Challenge, please contact Chuck Forbes at [email protected] or just give us a call at 954.333.8900

April Balloon Challenge – FAU Graphic Design



The Graphic Design students at FAU surprised us with 30 amazing photographs featuring our helium balloons. We were inspired by seeing those creative minds at work! Thank you for making this 365 balloon challenge a one of a kind.


Want to be a part of our balloon challenge? We select a different organization each month, email [email protected] to see which months we still have open and get your group featured at ARTWALK!

March Balloon Challenge – Green Bar & Kitchen


For 31 days of March, Green Bar & Kitchen featured our bright blue balloons throughout their space—even in their fridge! It’s always fun to see our balloon used in creative ways.

Make sure to contact [email protected] if you are interested in getting involved with our 365 Balloon Challenge. As always, our monthly challengers will be showcased during FATVillage’s ARTWALK every last Saturday of the month.

Painting With A Twist takes February


Painting With A Twist of Fort Lauderdale took over our 365 Balloon Challenge during the month of February. Thank you for your spin and creativity on it—we enjoyed seeing all of your art as well.


Be on the lookout for Green Bar & Kitchen as they take on the 365 Challenge for the month of March!

Think you have what it takes for a month of helium? Email [email protected] to get involved in our 365 Balloon Challenge, and you get to be featured during FATVillage’s monthly ArtPark!

VitaCoco, you did it!


& we love it!

VitaCoco has kicked off the year by taking on the helium 365 challenge for the month of January. Thank you for being our first featured company–your creativity was amazing!

If you would like to be part of the creative challenge and have your own month to show us what you got, please contact us by emailing [email protected]

Look out for this month’s photographs by Painting With A Twist