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The helium tank is our mash up of ideas + art + design + events and everything in between. Work that makes us smile, art that’s all around, events that we hope you’ll join us, or words we’re stitching together. The helium tank is a big window into who we are.

helium creative
helium creative

helium in Key West

It’s great to have clients you enjoy and projects you’re excited about – it’s even better when those projects take you to Key West, Fl.  Last week, we spent 3 days in Key West; meeting with a current client & kicking off a discovery session with a new one. We spent the weekend hearing about the future of their companies as well as new and exciting projects that are on the horizon. I’ll give you a hint: cuban coffee & a boutique hotel.

Inspiration for the new branding projects comes from everything – color, texture, experiences, culture and time spent immersed in the environment.  We spent our time hearing the stories behind the projects, exploring remote islands, drinking tons of coffee, smoking cigars & taking lots and lots of photos.

Enjoy a first hand look of our time in Key West and get a feel for the places that drive and inspire us everyday!

Thanks for hanging out with us – to see more travels, follow us on instagram or facebook and tag us @heliumcreative!

February Sights + Sounds

There are many different things that inspire us as a team: people, design, color, music, creativity, conversations, food, and much more.  However, these things are no fun if we keep them all to ourselves. So here it is folks, the first iteration of helium Sights + Sounds. Each month, you’ll get a sneak peak into the music we’re blasting in the office and the many things that bring inspiration and joy to each of us.

Get ready, plug in your headph – err, connect your Airpods and listen with us. *full disclosure, Kelly made us put blink 182 on this.

You can listen the full playlist on Spotify by clicking the album cover below. 

A New Kind of Summer

This summer has been…different. Despite being located in South Florida, it’s been a pretty cool summer [as in, not too sweaty] and that is showing up in our inspiration boards. Cool tones, metallics and, of course, black design touches are filling our minds with plenty new creative ideas.

Port 32 // Making Waves

creating new boating experiences
Port 32 is a marina collection based out of South Carolina with locations across the United States. Originally named Atlantic Marina Holdings, they came to us for a complete rebrand. From naming, to brand identity, messaging, and website design – we set out to create a marine experience like no other.

Focus on the Big Picture

When we approach branding, we’re thinking of the big picture. Often times we get calls or emails asking for us to work on a logo, a packaging design or a website. Although great opportunities, for us it’s important to work on a brand as a whole. Could we do just a logo, design a single product label or develop a stand-alone website? Of course! But how would we be benefiting a brand by jumping in to design a piece of the puzzle that might or might not fit in with the rest of the brand?

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