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The helium tank is our mash up of ideas + art + design + events and everything in between. Work that makes us smile, art that’s all around, events that we hope you’ll join us, or words we’re stitching together. The helium tank is a big window into who we are.

helium creative
helium creative

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helium would like to recognize mother earth today : )


hey look – hermes awards, likes us :)

It is always great to finish a long week full of work with some amazing news. Earlier this week, one of our dear clients, EDSA, posted on their social media that the Hermes Creative Awards had featured our work for EDSA’s Design Matters 2013 on their website as a teaser to recognize all of the recipients for this years awards. We are ecstatic to hear the great news and really humbled by the recognition from the Association of Marketing & Communication Professionals team.

Check our their website to read the full article and learn more about the Hermes Creative Awards.

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woot woot : )


helium is headed to The Most Amazing Race!

Amazing race teams graphic2

The Most Amazing Race is a fundraiser for The Salvation Army’s homelessness and hunger programs. Modeled after the hit CBS show “The Amazing Race”, The MOST Amazing race is scavenger hunt-like race around downtown Fort Lauderdale and the beaches. The first clue is given to teams at the starting line, then they’re off on a day of adventure and challenge. helium has assembled teams of racers and would love your support through donations.
Help us help the homeless and hungry in our city!

Each team needs to raise $250 to enter so we need your help!
Here’s the line up of amazing teams and links to their fund-raising pages to donate.
It’s easy, just click on any of the photos to start donating!


sofia chuckkevin

nat brandon

casey stephan


Thank You!


What started as one nifty little custom typography piece to share on instagram has begun to take on a life of its own. I was doing research and preproduction for a client project last week and stumbled across this beautiful mark + business card for Mamzelle & Co. in Montreal. I fell in love. The ornate M, elegantly placed on such a clean card, the color, all of it. Everything was perfectly executed in my eyes but I was particularly fond of what was done with the M mark. Inspiration took hold and I clamored to make something similar.

[Mamzelle & Co. business cards – 2010] https://www.behance.net/gallery/Mamzelle-Co-business-cards-2010/10803059

The letter H was the most obvious choice [it’s our favorite letter, after all] so I took a stab at it. Drawing from the inspiration I happened upon earlier, I made a custom H mark to be shared on instagram.

[the first installment of #Hforhelium]

[the first installment of #Hforhelium]

As I do with most of my work, I bounced it off of my fellow designers and my art director to get their input. Sofia encouraged me to push the idea further and we decided that custom typography pieces like this should appear in our social feeds more often. The question that we ultimately ended up asking ourselves was “why not every day?”. And just like that, #Hforhelium was born. It’s still in its infancy but I’ve made a new H everyday for over a week now and I’m loving it :). Brandon caught the H bug the other day and made one of his own. We can’t wait to see where this passion project takes us and what it continues to evolve into. Take a look at some of the #Hforhelium posts we’ve cranked out thus far and a little bit of the [very crude] processes behind them. Be sure to follow us on instagram [@heliumcreative] so you can catch them all. Let us know what you think and don’t hesitate to send us your own #Hforhelium creations either!










we have two newbies in town!


We are thrilled to introduce you to the two freshest faces here at the helium headquarters. Carli and Brandon are the newest additions to the ever expanding helium family and we’re so happy to have them. We’d like to extend a warm welcome to them both : )

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