BooBooLoon Protective Petwear

A Brief Overview – Strategy & Tactics

Our research of current competitors in the market showed that their products were usually very sterile and lacked the fun and humor that built the very foundation of the BooBooLoon® brand. We felt it was important to keep the product playful and appealing, especially in a market where it is easy to fall into a very rigid, clinical design aesthetic. We took an alternative approach that would help BooBooLoon® maintain an original brand identity in the pet industry.


Competitors used a predominantly stark white color pallete that lacked life, luster and that personalized edge that makes a product stand out. helium wanted to use a vivid blue that is playful yet would encourage a consumer to trust the product. The color is fresh and adds life to the product without being too predictable.


The most important element added to the BooBooBrand has been humor. Taking a generally not so laugh out loud product and finding ways to engage our audience. This was accomplished by catchy tag lines or promoting completely unrealistic uses for the BooBooLoon® both in print and through non-traditional mediums such as social media, these additions have aided in enhancing the overall product.


The rebranding endeavor included:

  • a complete website re-design
  • print collateral
  • targeted direct mail
  • targeted e-blasts
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • new product packaging
  • social media focus

Tangible Results
Once the brand was solidified and all key components were in order we were ready to run a campaign that targeted BooBooLoon’s® market. After extensive research we acquired a list of 10,000 – 15,000 veterinarians nationwide. We sent out one direct mail piece and three e-blasts to our target market with great response.

  • A direct mail piece to 10,000 vets received a response rate of 7.6 %
  • 3 Eblasts were sent out to 15,000 vets with a response rate of 5.6 %
  • Our total response rate for the entire campaign was 6.4%


Social Media is a new resource available to helium creative clients and has proven to be very successful for BooBooLoon®.

  • Social Media reach of more than 1,000 dedicated followers across several social outlets
  • Daily interaction with fans and followers has increased and continues to grow exponentially
  • Interest generated in the product online with bloggers and industry partners such as Dogster and Modern Dog Magazine

Start Date: November 2010

Completion Date: On-going

helium’s work to craft a unique, clean aesthetic for dirt was outstanding. Virtually everyday we receive compliments about some element of our branding, from our juice and shot bottle labels to our takeaway bags to the feature wall displaying our core values. although we’ve only been open for six months, our sales are approaching our total first-year projections, and our check average is double what we had thought it would be, in large part due to the strong brand identification that helium expertly developed.

helium creative developed an immersive and elevated brand for vistablue singer island that has brought the project great success in sales and brand awareness in a short timeframe. the identity and marketing campaign they’ve created based on the natural beauty of singer island, the allure of the palm beaches, and the craftsmanship of the building itself has resulted in continued interest from both buyers and brokers. one future resident even expressed it was in fact the overall experience with the product and brand that assured vistablue was the correct decision.

helium creative brought to life the culture and spirit of our vision for plnthouse, located in 1 hotel south beach. working with two separate teams who are collaborating on a project as one client is never easy. they were able to take everything we threw at them in stride to create an amazing end product.

in the age of mass media and of anyone and everyone selling anything, it’s more important to set your company apart from all the rest. when working with helium creative, we feel that our goals, our company and our passion is shared among a very talented, thought provoking group of creatives. they not only share our vision but have helped us portray that vision through textures, colors and fonts. we trust helium creative with the future of our company, our lives.