From swanky resorts to modern, sophisticated condominium towers, romantic bungalows and luxurious homes – we have a super huge crush on real estate. It’s the sinuous shape of lines and unique finishes and textures that give a space personality. How a structure and environment intertwine to become one visual landscape makes us swoon.
Real estate is the stage where life takes place; whether it’s a home, work environment, restaurant, theatre, resort – you get the picture. And WE get to write the script. Together with the developer, sales team + interior designer, we build the set that tells the brand story. [Insert squeal!] In crafting the full brand identity for any property we are creating the ultimate multi-sensory experience to help people envision themselves living/dining/vacationing and, most importantly, making memories. Establishing these emotional connections with potential buyers ultimately leads to increased sales.
We’ve created the identity and/or marketing collateral + website for a number of real estate clients including The Ocean Resort Residences, Terrazas Miami, W South Beach, Icon Brickell, Trump Hollywood, Veer Towers, and Cotton Bay Estates. A solid brand foundation combined with emotion + sensory driven marketing initiatives and great design has led to an increase in business for all of our clients.  Upon launch, The Ocean website saw an immediate high Google ranking, contributing to an increase in search visibility and sales leads.
The W South Beach found great success in the uncommon approach of including a beautifully designed full brochure in a broker mailer which we suggested. Wink, wink. 😉 Who needs to receive just another piece of real estate mail. We created an amazing piece with the look and feel of a high end magazine that brokers were dying to show clients.
Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 10.21.45 AM
For Veer Towers we suggested a dual prong strategy. One campaign has emphasized a 360 degree lifestyle and the other highlights the key features that differentiate Veer Towers from other Vegas Strip properties. An increase in sales and continued interest in Veer Towers has proven these campaigns successful, with only a limited number of units still available.
We were thrilled when Bijou Bay Harbor enlisted us to develop the full branding for their new boutique condo residence on Bay Harbor Island in Miami, a burgeoning hotspot in the real estate market.  The challenge of differentiating Bijou through visual storytelling to captivate and motivate potential buyers to invest in the property is something we thrive on.
The residence is situated in an ahhhmazing location on the bay just blocks away from luxury shopping center Bal Harbour and walking distance to a number of  delicious cafe’s + fabulous boutiques.  We immediately thought the concept of casual luxe, island living would be perfect for the whole campaign. Inspiration was pulled from tropical greenery, the aquamarine water of the bay, neutral colors of sand + coral, and the shimmering gold Miami is famous for, all accented by a dreamy pastel pink.
Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 4.50.16 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 4.54.40 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 4.51.18 PM
Once we gathered the visual inspiration, the descriptive language began to emerge. Phrases like “a casual elegance on the bay” and  “paradise found” highlights the lifestyle owners at Bijou Bay Harbor will enjoy. These words will serve as the foundation for the brand story and help to craft the key terms, core values, value statement, mission statement and positioning statement. Brand statements are key to developing a fully realized brand character; the lead role that breathes life into the story representing the real estate project. Identity pieces, marketing collateral, sales material and the website will all be inspired by the initial brand story to deliver a cohesive experience + help potential buyers realize Bijou is the perfect place to call home.
We’re excited to continue this project and hope you’ve enjoyed learning about our process. We’d love to hear what you think!
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