February 14, 2018
Branding + Design Work in Progress

Sometimes the stars align and we have a handful of projects that are all in the works. Not quite done and ready to show off to the world, but far along enough that we can’t contain ourselves to keep them secret anymore. And that’s where we find ourselves now – loaded with a handful of great graphic design and brand development that we have to keep locked up with lock and key. Unless…we release some sneak peeks. A little peek didn’t do anyone any harm, right?
[TOP SECRET PROJECT #1] Frozen dessert goodness
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A super fun rebranding project, this frozen dessert has brought out the kid in all of us. Dessert is always fun, especially when it’s a frozen dessert meant to be enjoyed on hot summer days. For this project we had the opportunity to play with food both in real life and on the computer as rebranding the product from scratch. We gave it a new name, a new brand story, logo, colors, tagline, and product packaging design.

[TOP SECRET PROJECT #2] A floral experience
When we met with this client in North Florida for the Discovery Trip and Session, the first things they said to us were: ‘We’re so much more than florists’ and ‘We have more of a masculine brand vibe.’ We were tasked with corporate identity rebranding a company with a rooted history in the floral industry, but who also had grand capabilities in event design and coordination. One of the first tasks was to create a subline explaining exactly what they did. ‘Floral & Event Concepts’ was born and from there sprouted [see what we did there] a rich brand with subtle touches of masculinity and femininity.

[TOP SECRET PROJECT #3] A better way to boat
Speaking of water, we’re also working on a brand for a soon to be marina collection that will be taking over the southern coast of the United States. From name, to logo, color palette, stationery, website + marina-related gear – this has been a super fun project to stretch our creative muscles. We dove deep into the opportunity to come up with a fresh, modern, and luxury-inspired brand that stands above other marine-related companies.

[TOP SECRET PROJECT #4] The go-to healthy meal
We’re always excited when we have the opportunity to create a brand from scratch. And not only from scratch, but with no comparable in the market. This healthy, frozen food meal concept came to us with a business plan and we are in the process of creating the brand that will make it be known to the public. Our inspiration was the modern-day professional on the go who chooses to eat healthy. Apart from brand story, logo, and colors – we’ll also have the opportunity to brand the point-of-sales display! We’ve certainly had fun creating a young brand for this blossoming food concept.

[TOP SECRET PROJECT #5] Taking branding to the skies
This is our first airline account and we’re over the moon with how fun it has been. This is a rebrand for great client who’s looking to show a more polished side to their trusted airline. We’ve created the dreamiest mood + feel for them, followed by a selection of awe-inspiring airline names, and the next step is logo design. We can feel the airline branding bug biting us!

[TOP SECRET PROJECT #6] It’s like ebay, for hospitality
This was a client that was referred to us although they had an existing brand. Our task was to create their digital marketing campaign [static banner ads and animated banner ads] to be promoted through Google and Facebook. A kitschy brand with a great offering – ebay-like bidding in the hospitality sector – we’ve had fun finding ways to merge our luxury space expertise with a pop-culture twist.

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