There has been a mild (ok, not-so-mild) obsession with book covers recently. More like a life-long intrigue that has snowballed into said obsession. That late night scrolling through eBay to find vintage books with great typography or illustration, when such scrolling turns into a rabbit hole where your shopping cart acquires a book from every decade. From old medical illustrations to modernist typography – book covers have been a huge source of inspiration for all types of design work. And, of course, the book itself – the story – is the heart of what we do as a brand studio. Each work has a history, a message, a soul – the visual communication of its cover, the written word that shapes its narrative, the worn pages from those who’ve been impacted by it; books are fuel for creatives.
When we are developing a brand, it always starts with a story. We tap into the heart and soul of the company – who they are, what the essence is. Much like an author crafting a character, we shape the narrative of a brand then uncover how to communicate it in all forms. Just as we wear clothing to reflect our personality, as a designer we are constantly using elements such as color, type and messaging to craft the unique persona of a company to its market. The process is organic, both strategic and highly intuitive. But the brand story is ultimately what sets the road map for brand identity, messaging, graphic design, website design, photography, and all marketing materials. You can explore some of our brand stories by clicking here.

A book cover has the tall order of capturing the spirit of a story in a single composition, enough to emotionally engage and connect with a potential reader. This can be done through typography, photography, illustration, design, color, shape, or pattern. But whatever method, the end product can be really, really, really cool. Enough to keep this designer up scrolling Pinterest and eBay for hours on end.
Take a look at some of the books and book covers we’ve been wide-eyed for.