August 25, 2016
an inside look at the creation of Design Matters Magazine

Global landscape architecture firm, EDSA, and helium creative joined forces initially for a year-long campaign in 2011. The relationship has grown since then and we have continued to work on many large-scale projects together.
We wrapped up the fourth edition of Design Matters Magazine for EDSA in June, the culmination of many months of collaboration with the EDSA marketing team. The goal of the magazine is to showcase EDSA as not only a leader in their industry, but also a resource for trends, insight and inspiration. Strategically used as a direct mail piece to all clients, vendors and associates, the Design Matters magazine is also used as a marketing tool during conferences, meetings and events.
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Over their 50+ years leading the industry, EDSA has accumulated an amazing portfolio from which we are able to source imagery and inspiration for the magazine. To showcase the creative, hands-on aspect of the company along with their professional presence we stroke a balance between hand-drawn graphics and type with a modern feel. This project allows a great opportunity to highlight the firm’s innovative approach, collaborative and team-oriented culture, as well as their impressive portfolio.
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We know what you’re asking – how do we get this massive magazine project completed? We meet with the EDSA marketing team to review all articles. Each article relates to a topic or theme surrounding EDSA as a company or the industry as a whole, circling around landscape architecture, urban design, sustainability and trends in hospitality. After scouring each one for inspiration, ideas and content, helium gives a giant Santa wish list of additional visual concepts and assets to help us bring the magazine to life.
Once we are provided with the requested images and text, the helium team sketches page layouts based on our proposed article concepts.
EDSA’s marketing team reviews the concepts, provides feedback and revisions are made until designs are perfected. After months of planning and weeks of design + edits, Design Matters is truly a labor of love for both EDSA and helium creative. With our fourth collaborative installment of the magazine now closed, we look forward to the next edition always excited to see what new challenges will help breathe life into this annual project.
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