the recipe for a bold brand
There are few instances when we’re given the opportunity to develop a brand from scratch. Without even a name in mind, the founders behind this innovative food service where customers can purchase healthy meals on-the-go came to helium in needs of the complete brand experience. You could say we branded them from soup to nuts.

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the challenge
The concept behind BeMeals is to use flash freezing/fast heating technology to offer an array of nutritional and delicious entrées within preexisting establishments that wouldn’t normally offer healthy food options.
Our challenge was to create a bold brand that stood out and lead to brand recognition within the already competitive food industry.

it’s time for design exploration
After playing with a few name options – some completely symbolic, others more emotional, and a handful food-related – BeMeals came to be as the completion of the tagline: “Be happy, be healthy, be you, be meals.” The moment we said it we knew we had a winner.
From that point forward, we jumped into logo concepting and color exploration. The logo, specifically, led the charge for the resulting brand direction.

“helium creative understood and captured the essence of the BeMeals brand, transforming a strategic analysis into a live, meaningful mark that perfectly translated the essence of what we were looking to transmit to our customers. helium’s work has provided a valuable framework to capture our innovative concept as we embark in a dialogue with our clients.”

Michael Esrubilsky, BeMeals, Founder + CEO

be happy, be healthy, be you
BeMeals is serious about food, health, natural ingredients, value, and their customer. We created a brand with this mindfulness woven throughout and stayed true to the mission statement we wrote for the company at the beginning of the development process: “A culture aimed to connect people back into their life by serving real foods in real time for ­­­­real eaters.”
Experience the full brand here. And see more of our work on instagram or facebook @heliumcreative!