This summer has been…different. Despite being located in South Florida, it’s been a pretty cool summer [as in, not too sweaty] and that is showing up in our inspiration boards. Cool tones, metallics and, of course, black design touches are filling our minds with plenty new creative ideas.

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who doesn’t love a good pattern?
Lately, we’ve been a little pattern obsessed. But, who hasn’t?! You can find patterns in our recent work for Bad Harriet, Akoya, and drip pop. Patterns are a super fun way of adding another element to easily identify the brand.

today’s generation might as well be called neutral pastel
Neutral tones in their pastel form are everywhere. On walls, interior décor, products, design…the list goes on. And we’re loving it. There’s something about these ethereal colors that fit in perfectly with our luxury-minded aesthetic. We’re all about that blush.

we also like to shock
In total contrast to our love for neutral pastels – we’re also feeling all the feels for shocking combinations. We’re going down the rabbit hole of pairing black + white with neon colors and don’t be surprised if you find yourself oohing and aahing over one of our future brands that is built upon this contrast of colors and mood.

at the end of the day, typography wins
No matter how much we go on and on about color, typography will always get us to squeal. At the studio, we all have our favorite font styles but clean type will always win our hearts.

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