We’re in the middle of hot, sticky Florida summer and we’re loving it! At least today, when we’re in the cool comfort of our homey creative studio in the heart of Fort Lauderdale Beach. Summer vibes have been showing up in our most recent work. If you haven’t seen our July newsletter, catch up on it HERE and take in all those bright-as-day colors that have inspired some of our most recent brands.
Diving deeper into our summer-inspired inspiration, check out some of the imagery that’s been filling up both our Pinterest board and graphic designer hearts.

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blue state of mind
Okay. Okay. So we can never steer to far away from blue. What can we say? It’s our brand color and what kind of branding agency would we be if we didn’t stay cohesive? All kinds of blue tones pop up in our summer inspo as they remind us of the ocean that’s only a few blocks away from our studio. Funny thing is, we are approached by many water-industry clients who love how we uniquely incorporate water themes into our brands.

bright + shocking
Being bland is boring! If you’re going to use color, why be subtle. Bring out that Pantone swatch book – we’re painting the town neon!

graphic hand-lettering
Now that the delicate spring months are past us, we can see an influence of stronger natural elements seeping into typography and hand-lettering trends. Bold and dramatic hand-lettering samples kept popping up in our inspiration boards as a sign that we’re daring to take a delicate craft and turn up the volume.

Most of us spend many summer days outdoors and there’s nowhere better to find a variety of interesting textures than outside! The use of textures inspire us creatively from a branding + design standpoint as they show how color can come to life by looking at the highlights and shadows created by light reflecting on a textured surface. Textures also evoke feelings and branding is nothing more than evoking one huge big feeling of satisfaction.

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