Right now we’re in the logo development stage for a couple of clients. That information is currently top secret, but the overall process of creating a logo is something we’d like to share with you. 😉
Prior to a logo creation we craft the brand statements and keywords, which inform the brand personality and the feeling it evokes. When brainstorming for the logo we may add to the list of brand keywords, including materials from the company’s industry or products. For example, with Gulf Building, a local construction company, the initial keywords trust, building, relationships and connection shaped the brand story. Cinder block, wood, architectural plans and rebar were then added as visual elements that could be used as a basis to form the identity.
We search the keywords for visual reference and use Pinterest to our heart’s content. A mood board is created, which drives the visual essence of the brand and helps give direction to the logo.
In the initial stage we usually start by drawing sketches on paper. We analyze the letterforms and play around with the different ways a letter can be drawn. In deconstructing letters the pieces become shapes and can be reworked a million different ways. It’s kind of like playing Tetris or putting a puzzle together.
Typography is a whole other ball of wax to consider. Sometimes we just feel like a brand design should have a more typography-driven mark like The Ocean Resort Residences vs. a logo that incorporates a strong icon within the mark like Lion’s Compass. Is there an exact science to when a logo should be more typography-based or more mark-based? Not really, we follow our instincts – I suppose it’s because we’re artists. [insert audible sigh].
Once we have some ideas sketched on paper we move to Adobe Illustrator to play with our drawings in digital form. We can easily spend hours working with the components we’ve translated from our sketchpad to the computer. Once we have initial concepts we’ll sometimes collaborate on the design or ask for feedback on aspects of the idea.
Each designer prepares 3-5 options for the selection process; though it’s usually more. We have so many ideas it’s hard to limit them! We print the logos, tape them on the wall, and select 5-7 final options to present to the client.
A fancy schmancy presentation is created and shown to the client so they can see how a logo would look in various uses. We encourage them to digest what they’ve seen and get back to us with their final decision or any feedback they may have.
There you have it, our logo design process in a nutshell. Wait, don’t put us in a nutshell! Womp, womp.
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