Spring is coming up quick. Can you believe we’re already in month two of 2017?! Knowing that spring is right around the corner, we gathered our recent inspiration clippings to get an idea of where our design brains were at as we head into the season of blossoming flowers + sun kissed days.
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So retro!
Surprisingly, our spring-inspired moodboard is full of retro references. Are the ’60s making a comeback? Well, did they ever leave? Influences from the simple color palettes of the early 1960s are seen in some of the monochromatic images: yellow over yellow, green over green, and pink over pink. Break this all up with some geometric black + white graphic design and you get a new take on an old classic feel. It’s modern retro!
It looks like we’ve been heavily inspired by color this season. And not just the color blue! There’s only a hint of blue in our inspiration findings – that’s a first for us! This time around we’re diving into fresh, bright colors that border between pastels and neon. Are they pastels or are they neon? Maybe pastel-neons?
Keeping it classic!
There’s a simplicity in each of the images we gathered, and this can be seen best in the black + white design samples. Let it be with the use of flat design, clean typography, repetitive line patterns or bold contrast – it’s hard to go wrong when you keep it simple with black + white.
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