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helium creative recently started working on a new lifestyle real estate project nestled under the larger Guy Harvey brand. The project known as the Guy Harvey Outpost Club & Resort Collection explores outdoor living from a unique luxury perspective through a collection of five-star RV resorts that will include top-notch RV lots + full clubhouse amenities + resort cottages. We first developed the brand, followed by the teaser campaign including insert brochure + stationery + website.




We wanted to educate and immerse ourselves in the outdoor adventure/conservation world to get our creative juices flowing so we took a little field trip of our own state, Florida.

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The Guy Harvey Outpost Club & Resort Collection is inspired by adventure. There is a clear nod to classic Americana with brand colors of red, white, and blue - however the great outdoors and Guy Harvey plays an integral part of infusing a rugged, environmentally rich style.



The logo for Guy Harvey Outpost Club & Resort Collection is a classic, bold design that nods to the elevated luxury and exciting adventure that the brand offers. This mark proudly showcases the Guy Harvey brand while also providing flexibility to denote the specific resort location destinations when needed.


The brand colors are inspired by the great outdoors, both on water and land. A refined selection of red, white, and blue work in concert as the supporting palette.



For the stationery + teaser campaign we made sure to choose lifestyle photography that heavily shows people engaging with the environment, whether solo or with another person. We also incorporated a topographic pattern with much movement and shape. It speaks to the adventure and environmental aspect of the brand. Check out the live teaser website at

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